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     The Private Placement Monitor newsletter is focused on the U.S. private placement market for debt securities.  Coverage includes cross-border, domestic and traditional new-issues. Also, 144a and CTL transactions are followed.      

     The number of PPM issues each year is a function of the market's activity level. The PPM is published several times each week, with at least 156 editions per year. Currently, the PPM newsletter is delivered to your PC via e-mail.

     The cost is based on subscription agreement and involves level of access, number of authorized users, and  locations.

     The PPM is part of the Private Placement Research Service provided by In Focus Information LLC   .  

Sample PPM  PPM Example


     Private Placement Week is produced for readers who want a weekly update of activity in the private debt placement market.  There are 48 issues per year.  For a more complete and timely flow of information about the private market see the Private Placement Monitor.

Sample PPW  PPW Example


   PPM DataField    - Delivered in Excel -     The PPM DataField costs $1,500 pa* and is delivered to you twice-a-month in EXCEL.

It consists of the traditional privates (Domestic and Cross-Border), which appeared in the Private Placement Monitor newsletter with pricing terms. In addition, you will receive two semi-annual updates, after League Tables go final, which will include the deals not previously included in the DataField updates. The semi-annual updates will include ALL deals, including those provided during the League Table process.

PPM DataField


Data fields include: 

                                                        Issuer                                                                      Industry

                                                        Security Type                                                          Sector

                                                        Credit Quality                                                           Cross Border (Y/N)

                                                        Issue Size                                                                 Region

                                                        Final Maturity                                                            Country

                                                        Average Life                                                             Deal Notes

                                                        Spread/Coupon                                                       Agent(s)

                                                        Offering Month                                                        

                                                       PPM News - a field which shows exactly

                                              what appeared in the PPM newsletter,                                                                      

                                              so that you can read the deal color while

                             looking at a spreadsheet.

* The cost of the PPM DataField  to non-newsletter subscribers is $3,500 pa.

Sample PPM DataField  DataField



      Historical Data from the Private Placement Monitor     - Delivered in Word - 


From 1990 the data is available in Word.

   For readers of the Private Placement Monitor  who need to search back issues there is an easier way.

      You can buy PPM  information, in a Word document, and download it directly onto your PC.

          The information would consist of exactly what you receive in the PPM newsletter. That means rumored, launched, priced and pulled deals. All updates, even people moves are included. Some graphs and charts are not included.

Historical data will be sent to you, via e-mail, as a Word attachment.

This allows you to keep the data in one large Word document, instead of many smaller documents.

Searches are easier because you don't have to go through separate newsletters looking for a particular name or data point. Also, you can copy and paste into other applications.



Historical data goes back to 1986.

From 2005 the data is available in Excel. 


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